SQL Oracle

Lets assume we stumble upon a web application that lets you query if a user exists.

overthewire.org - Leviathan

I finished Leviathan

overthewire.org - Bandit

For some time now I looked for a time off activity and last Saturday I settled on doing some wargames. I quick search came up with overthwire.org.

some updates to the site and services

I finally came around and did some work on this site and related services.

Switching to Marvin

Today I switched from IFTTT to my own feedbot hosted on GitHub powered by Hubot


Former CIA director: ‘We kill people based on metadata’

Encrypt your Gmail inbox

I forked etherael’s github project and modified it to my needs. I have rewritten how the encrypted text is added to the email.

flat file structure

Today I had the requirement to create a flat file layout from a directory structure that was quite deep. It also contained a lot of files that had the same name (e.g.: “index.html”) this is what I came up in a few minutes:

git rewrite author

To change the name and/or email address recorded in existing commits, you must rewrite the entire history of your Git repository.

VENOM, a short presentation

A presentation I held on the topic of VENOM